WiFi solutions for business

retail and hospitality WiFi solutions

WiFi is a essential business facilitator. Providing wireless internet access can help increase revenues, reduce costs, enhance the workplace experience and provide new opportunities.

WiFi has become a necessity. A good Wi-Fi network can bring many benefits to an organisation. WiFi provides freedom and flexibility which can change working practices and lead to increased efficiency.

Blaze WiFi solutions provide secure WiFi for both staff and guests allowing your business to connect and share data immediately. You can also welcome guests providing them an essential tool to both work and communicate during their visit.

Long range wireless connectivity

Many organisations have multiple sites or several buildings. Whether you need to create a secure link to your remote offices or need a high speed internet connection in rural areas not served by fiber optic. We have the solution using long range wireless links and carrier grade equipment.

VOiP and network phone systems

Voice and video over IP is a logical progression in network telephony. Our WiFi solution offers the high speeds required for VOiP services and we can design and install a full system using the latest equipment and tried and tested software. The VoIP Phone provides breakthrough value as a low cost telephone over Internet system. The Controller software is bundled with the VoIP Phone at no extra charge without separate software, licensing, or support fees.

Commercial wireless network architecture

Designing, deploying and optimising a wireless network take many environmental variables into account. Blaze Wireless offers a comprehensive range of wireless consultancy and support services to tackle the unknowns and improve the design and deployment of a network. Experienced consultants advise on defining wireless strategy, choosing appropriate technologies and architecture for an efficient ROI, procurement, and network design and deployment processes for enterprise.

Features of a Blaze Wireless WiFi solution

  • Customised to reflect YOUR brand with tailored landing pages and SSIDs
  • Robust, resilient and scalable – backed by a rigorous SLA
  • Fully managed with monitoring and upported by a local engineering and UK customer support team
  • Secure – Private and Public SSIDs. Isolation of all devices on the Public network.
  • Flexible – you have control over the service you offer your employees or guests

Choose Blaze Wireless to create and manage your business internet connections.

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