Temporary broadband Internet access

event and exhibition wireless connectivity and WiFi solutions

Events and exhibitions

No matter the type or size of event we can help. We specialize in temporary Internet solutions designed for any event. We can provide broadband services for TV Shoots, Parties, Corporate Events, Concerts, Conventions, Short-Term Projects, pretty much any outdoor or indoor event needing connectivity. Our dedicated circuits can handle video stream in high definition, massive data transfers, and anything you can throw at us.

Based in Chichester in West Sussex Blaze Wireless is the obvious choice of temporary Internet access provider for numerous local events in Sussex and Hampshire.

If required we can extend your temporary internet connection by providing on stand WiFi, VOiP, CCTV and other additional Internet based services. For intense usage requirements we can install a dedicated, uncontended fibre-optic supply providing 100Mbps speeds and unlimited data transfer.

We offer a ‘turnkey’ service. All equipment is supplied, installed and tested by our technicians prior to the start of the show and we remove the equipment when you are finished.

Moving home or office?

If you are moving and are worried about staying connected. WORRY NO LONGER. We can get you connected at the current and/or new location. Blaze Internet is available without lengthy contracts so you can 'pay as you go' whilst you get settled in. We can get you connected within hours if need be.

Back up Internet

Fast Internet Connections are no longer a luxury for some companies. At Blaze we understand the importance of staying connected to what matters most. We can provide you a backup internet link that can be on at all times or can be turned on with just a phone call. We take the same measures to make sure this circuit keeps the same integrity as customers that use us as primary circuits.

Construction and site communication

If you are a Contractor or a Project Manager that is tired of not knowing what is going at your sites we have the answer for you. Our temporary internet access is just the service you need. We can provide connectivity at your sites allowing you to have your surveillance equipment online, your foreman can be in the know at the click of a button, and most importantly you can protect your investment and time.

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