Blaze Wireless Broadband in the Arun Valley

As a result of significant demand Blaze Wireless is extending its wireless broadband network to provide fast Internet to customers located in the Arun Valley. Preparation of the network infrastructure is being finalised and Blaze Wireless are now accepting orders from customers wishing to use the new Arun Valley wireless broadband network.

Placing your order allows Blaze Wireless to allocate your connection a specific position in our schedule of broadband installations. You will not be charged connection or service fees until a firm date for your installation has been confirmed.

Blaze Wireless coverage for the Arun valley

Use the search box below to pinpoint your location.

The map above shows the proposed coverage of the Arun Valley network. The areas in green represent areas of exceptional coverage. The red areas represent locations where wireless broadband is available but may be subject to a site survey.

Certain specific areas not included in the general coverage map above but where demand is sufficient will be provisioned with wireless broadband by way of secondary 'repeater' transmitters located in strategic positions. The map below shows two such locations where demand warrants these secondary installations.

Blaze Wireless extended coverage for West Chiltington and Amberley

What happens next?

To benefit from our wireless broadband service we need to install a small receiving aerial, usually at the highest point of your property, on a chimney or a short mast. Once your order has been received you will be advised of progress in finalising the network infrastructure and allocated an installation date. Once a firm installation date is confirmed you will be invited to pay the one off installation fees and first months service cost.

Once your aerial installation is complete you can receive Blaze Wireless broadband. Monthly pricing starts at £29 for a basic domestic connection and increases depending on the package you have chosen. There are no hidden fees, no line rental charge and only short term contracts. Business broadband packages and enterprise grade dedicated 'leased line' services are also available.

You can place your order now by clicking here.